hello and welcome!

please allow me to introduce myself...

my name is Eva. i’m from a town in the netherlands. i turned twenty years old on the eleventh of november (the 11th of the 11th)! i study language and culture studies at the utrecht university and i’m in my second year right now. i’m focusing on film studies and cognitive neuroscience. 

in fifty years i will probably be that kind old lady with 12 cats in her house. say hi to me then. but please do not picture me as a grandma just yet, i’m not. (not on the outside at least) 

i love blogging. this blog is my way to express myself and post about my life and everything i love. it is filled with my photography, art and notes. this blog was founded in december 2015 and had the name 'a teacup of me'. a creative girl was looking for an outlet to share her thoughts. although sometimes scary to open up to the world wide web, i'm very glad she decided to press the post button. in the beginning of 2019 the blog it was turned into '& eva'.

aaand here is a little q & a to get to know me better! (feel free to comment your answers down below!)

dogs or cats?
cats !!! ! !! !

place you want to visit?
edinburgh, dublin, milan, stockholm, berlin, athens, budapest, prague, new york in the fall, london at christmastime, the west coast of the united states, paris with a loved one, japan, australia...

favourite country you’ve visited?
england! my heart belongs there.

your life motto?
not sure yet. which might actually be my motto.

movies must-sees?
a lot. the hunger games, all the harry potter movies, la la land, brooklyn, roman holiday, funny face, joyeux noel, tangled, brave, the devil wears prada, the princess diaries, rise of the guardians, life of pie, bruce almighty, the truman show, atonement, pan's labyrinth, hook, run lola run...

role models?
my family, audrey hepburn & emma watson

favourite snack?

and series you like to watch whilst eating the snack?
once upon a time, merlin, the good place, brooklyn 99, avatar: the last airbender, 

tea or coffee?

favorite artists?
monet, matisse, feelingfairyish (on instagram), claire keane, glen keane.

music you listen to a lot at the moment?
songs from onerepublic and kensington

favourite app?

lots of love!

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