Friday, 20 March 2020

my disney forever favourites

Did someone say Disney?

If you are spending a lot of time at home these days, maybe binging a few Disney movies may bring joy to your daily routine! And since I'm baffled with all the options every time I open up the app, I thought I'd make a list of disney movies I'd definitely watch again. To make my life easier, and to give you some tips on what movies to maybe add to your own list!

I also had a little too much fun pasting my head on all of these images. I hope it doesn't freak you out. It certainly has that effect on me.

the princess diaries (I & II)

Anne Hathaway & Julie Andrews. Need I say more? This coming of age movie from 2001 is one of my all-time favorites. It's romantic and sappy, but in a good way. It teaches some great lessons about life (and being queen) and at the end I just really want to live in Genovia and have Julie Andrews as my grandmother. A must see for everyone who loves to watch genuine friendships and the struggles of teenage life.


I have such good memories of this movie, because every time I was home alone, one of the Narnia movies would be on the television to give me comfort. It's about family and also filled with adventure and humor. And if you've watched them all you'll probably end up looking behind all the clothes in your closet and dreaming of your own Narnia. The movie allows you to use your own imagination whilst also tackling some important issues. A must watch for everyone who loves magic!!


This movie is old-fashioned disney magic. I don't feel like cinderella is really the modern feminist hero in this adaptation, but the movie has such a beautiful message: be kind. It's about kindness and finding a new family and forgiveness and it's powerful. A great adaptation with also a beautiful musical score & cinematography. And Lily James is just a real life Disney princess.

beauty and the beast

Speaking of real life Disney princesses! Emma Watson. She is my hero, and the perfect heroine in Beauty and the Beast. The role of Belle was made for her in my opinion. The music's great, the costumes, the characters, cast and the whole aesthetic of the film gives me all the French vibes. Whether you watch the classic or the adaptation, it doesn't matter. 


Of course I had to include one of my favourite animated disney movies. Since i have already watched this film about 472 times and it still is not boring I'm allowed to say it's the best movie ever. It's got eve-ry-thing: action, adventure, romance and a not so typical one. Tangled is such a great twist on one of the old fairytales, with the most beautiful artwork and animation. She has a dream, and that kind of makes me dream every time I watch the movie.

what is your favourite disney movie?



  1. omg these are basically all my favorites!!! Disney binge session here I come

  2. hahahah, i didn't even realize you photoshopped yourself in there until i read it, lol! but now i can't unsee it haha! i haven't watched all of these movies, so let's go :) maybe i'm gonna start tonight, with the princess diaries, i only heard good things about that one! love this post!


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