Monday, 9 March 2020


f e b r u a r y

every cloud has a silver lining

this past month was a nice month. but if you had asked me that at the start, i would have sighed at the prospect of this busy february. i really struggled to find a good routine and felt insecure about my abilities. i was a little down, but didn't want to be down. now i'm glad i felt sad, because it made me appreciate the small, good moments more and i became aware of my feelings and why i was feeling them. moreover, february gave me a lot of those happy moments.

week 1 - as i said before, my month started off busy and time flew by. looking back at the pictures i took, i did manage to find some quiet time for myself. i babysitted at my neighbors', where they had a tony's bar for me :) and watched kiki's delivery service (really got into hayao miyazaki's movies, which are now on netflix!) also, the cat in the movie made me think of my own cat, pip, who strategically placed herself on top of my chair. 

week 2 - after college i stopped at sissy-boy, a store with beautiful clothes. i could not resist and bought this knitted sweater, because i adore dusty pink colors at the moment.

week 3 - ah what a lovely, friend-filled week this was! i had a "galentines" at my house. we played games and chatted and had loads of fun. i also went to see the movie jumanji with my brothers and met up with a friend in utrecht. we went shopping and discovered a tiny café behind the dom tower where we had carrot cake.

my mom graduated this week! at first i wasn't planning on going to her graduation, because i had school, but even typing this now makes me feel silly. of course i had to be there! so i went and felt so so so proud. we had a lovely dinner afterwards and went to bed with a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

and: the sun was shining??!!? you're not hearing me complaining... i love the fact that everything is starting to feel like spring again! that week i also got an evaluation at work. we talked about how it was going and it all really made me feel a lot better.

week 4 - more festivities in the last week of february! i had all sorts of deadlines and a test which stressed me out, but at the end of that week we did manage to go on a little getaway to belgium. it was my dad's birthday, so i made a little card for him. we celebrated his bday in ghent, which is such a lovely city. it has the cutest shops and a lot of great architecture. this was the second time we visited ghent and i definitely want to go back when it's summer.

what did you do in february?


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  1. klinkt als een drukke maar leuke maand :) jaa, gent is zo leuk!! als je nog eens naar belgië komt, let me know, hihi! hopelijk is je maart even tof!


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