Tuesday, 4 February 2020


although some stories tell us to 'never look back', i find it quite nice to take a step back once in a while. and so, with the first days of february slowly dawning upon this new year, i wanted to look back at my january. the things i loved, read, felt and did. i collected a few pictures from my camera roll that perfectly captured the first month of 2020. will you tag along?

what i did
this month was the second month at my new job. i still feel like i have a lot to learn, which is okay, but it bothers me to feel insecure about the things i do at work. i'm still looking for my own acceptance in this period of learning and newness, but it's hard and tiring. i do feel like it will all be worth it though, i really like this job.

the last weeks of january i didn't have any classes, but we got time to write on our papers. i was a lot at home in front of my laptop, typing away about movement in 4d cinema and in another paper i did research on a conflict between two big cinema organizations after the second world war. the days seemed to blend into one another, but at the 27th i finished writing and handed the assignments in! i treated myself to a relaxed afternoon: walking through utrecht, visiting my favourite spot; the domgarden, and had nice lunch. it was weird to sit by myself. i always go to cafes with someone. it was a strange experience, but i did like it. it felt really independent haha.

speaking of school, i got a super exciting email: i'm going to study abroad next school year! i have been selected for the university i set as my first choice, now i only need a confirmation from the university i will be going to. i can't wait!!

what i read
louise captured the words i cannot write in this post
i finished reading brooklyn and little women

what i watched
star wars
the good place
anne with an e
short films on disney+
i've recently been into a turkish historical drama: magnificent century: kosem. it has the intrigues of the crown, but with a twist to it. luckily it has english subtitles.

what i created
i started to experiment more with procreate, which i have on my phone. drawing on a small screen is not ideal, but i did love to practice digital drawing. and i had a lot of fun creating collages, like the one at the top of this page and down here!

what i listened to
i'm listening to kensington lots. their music speaks to my soul. i love it.

on the planning for february:
i really really really want to see little women in theaters. it's so annoying that we have to wait until the 6th of february in the netherlands, when everyone seems to have already seen it!! i do think it will all be worth the wait ;)


ps. if this was not interesting whatsoever i'm really sorry :) love you all!!


  1. I am so happy you selected by your choice of university! I am so proud of you! And I can't wait to see little women as well. Oh and lots of love for Kensington. Love them so much...


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