Monday, 13 January 2020

what i did on christmas break

First of all, happy new year! I hope you all had a lovely first two weeks (already!) of the year 2020. I certainly did, but last monday the uni-life kind of exploded in my face and I was reminded of the fact how much I still needed to do before the end of the week. But everything went well and I'm feeling this great energy to start this new year!

Over the two weeks of my holiday I took a few snaps of what I was doing & loving. I always love to read weeklogs, but if I were to do them they wouldn't be very interesting. ("So... I went to school. Again.") That's why this recap could be a bit more interesting, since I had the time to do some things else than school ;)

21 december - I took this random selfie on the 21st of December. I had probably just finished the take home exam for one of my courses. Still haven't got the grade back, but I have a good feeling about it. That evening I had to work at my new job, which was very exciting. Up till now I've been really enjoying it, but I still get a bit anxious before every shift. I hope that'll go away soon.

22 december - That week I had a little project: designing my first ixxi! This is a really fun poster that consists of different parts. My mom and I wanted to have one from our Malaysia trip in the summer vacation, so I scrolled through all my pictures and came up with this design. A week later it came in the mail and we hung it on the wall! 

23 december - Speaking of projects: remember me talking about polymer clay earrings a post ago? I'd gotten clay as a present and really wanted to make my own earrings, so that is what these little dusty pink flowers are supposed to become. I still need to bake them :)

I received a letter from my pen-pal and real-life friend who I don't see a lot. It's always such a sweet surprise when a letter is addressed to you and it looks as gorgeous as this one. 

24 december - Christmas day was approaching. My brother and I were making the dessert: a raspberry cheesecake with a brownie base. It was absolutely delicious. The first time trying it I didn't even really taste it, because I was anxious what the others thought about it. My grandpas and grandma came over that night and the whole dinner was better than I anticipated.

27 december - I've really fallen back into love with drawing and have been experimenting with digital drawing on my phone, which is not the best, but I did draw this little guy. 

29 december - On this lovely and cold day I saw a lot of my friends from high school. We ate at a sushi restaurant (but I ate more grilled meat than sushi) & we did an escape room which we escaped!! 

30 december - The next day Yvonne and I decided to plan a trip to Den Haag! We really wanted to visit the Voorlinden Museum, so we spent the day there. In the afternoon we went to the city centre and walked to the Binnenhof. I will write another post about this little outing soon!

new year's eve - And then twas the last eve of 2019! Is it just me, or did 2019 really fly by? At 12 o'clock we went outside and I held some starlets. Firework isn't really my thing, I just like watching them. From afar. But I loved the evening and the games I did with my family. 

3 january - It was my mother's birthday on this date, so we had a fun-filled day! In the morning we gave her presents and then we had to be off, because my father, brother and I went to see Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker, and my mother and other brother went to see Frozen 2. I've kind of fallen in love with Star Wars over the past couple of weeks (at first I didn't really understand it, but now I do) (kind of) because of The Mandalorian (and baby yoda). 

This next week I'll be typing away on my computer, since it's almost the end of the semester and I have some assignments to finish. Have a nice week all <3



  1. Leuke blogpost! ♡ Fijn dat je zo'n fijne vakantie hebt gehad! :) En ook nog een gelukkig nieuw jaar gewenst. x

  2. aahh sounds like an amazing christmas break!! what did you think of the voorlinden museum? cause i want to go there too some day :) let me know! good luck with your school work, you can do it!! have a good day eva!

  3. I really love this post and I enjoyed reading about your experiences!! The photographs are gorgeous <3


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