Monday, 20 January 2020

a day in the hague & voorlinden museum

v o o r l i n d e n 
t h e  h a g u e 

a little outing to the big political centre

the hague is beautiful. with it's streets and vintage shops. laughter-filled bars and restaurants. the fairy-lights twinkling in the treetops. magic. i should visit more often, is what i thought to myself as we were walking on the cobbled street. towards the beautiful binnenhof.

first we went to the voorlinden museum. quite a little trip from den haag centraal and a little walk, but the beauty of nature welcoming us there made it worth it. the museum lies in a big park with a lake and trees and walking paths. it has a restaurant where we had lunch.  

the museum has three expositions which you can visit. we saw louise bourgeois and anselm kiefer's work. what we were most excited about were the permanent exhibitions.

i don't think i would visit voorlinden museum again, but it was a really lovely place to be for one day. it felt relaxed & i loved the kind of more 'interactive' type art, like the swimming pool and the tiny elevators. part of the fun, for me, was taking pictures of the art and the people looking at the art. but my preference in museums might be the more impressionist and classical paintings. i love monet, rubens and van gogh. 

when the sun was starting to set we went back to the city centre by bus. we walked and walked (my shoes were killing me) until we reached the mauritshuis and the binnenhof, where the sky was painted a beautiful baby blue and pink and the lowering sun set a golden hue to the buildings. it was all like a painting. 

there we wandered around for a bit. the air was cold. when we were starting to feel hungry we went looking for a place to eat and ended up by an italian place called burrata very close to the train station. when our bellies were filled with pizza & iced tea, we went back home. 

have you ever visited the hague?



  1. oeeh so pretty with all the lights and the sunset :) and the museum looks fun too!

  2. So pretty! I actually went to the Hague to meet up with some friends last week 💕


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