Sunday, 15 December 2019

my blog is 4 years old!

Ahhh I still remember that sweet winters day in 2015 when I started my blog... How time flies (when you're having fun but also some hard times)!

I remember doubting every step I took at the beginning of this adventure. And look at us now! So much has happened. And even in these busy weeks (especially this one, school deadlines...) I wanted to dedicate a post to this amazing anniversary. Partly because I never ever would have thought I'd still be doing this now, but I love it.

I feel like I was kind of original at the beginning of this journey. I came up with new ideas to post and things to write about. I've kind of lost that over the years due to lack of time or energy. But now I feel like I'm slowly regaining my voice and just filling my blog with my interests. In the upcoming year I'd like to do this even more. I already have some ideas to incorporate my art in my blog and the exchange abroad which I'm going to make at the beginning of September next year will be another highlight that I can't wait to share.

And for anyone who reads this: Thank you for your support, kind words and the fact that you're reading this. It means more to me than you know. I hope you have a lovely sunday & will stick with me for another year <3



  1. aahh zo leuk al 4 jaar!! ik volg je blog echt al van bijna het begin (toen had je nog een anonieme naam denk ik haha) je posts zijn altijd zo origineel en leuk!! door u ben ik mede ook mijn eigen blog, begonnen haha, dus thanks voor de vele blogjaren :)

  2. Net je blog gevonden... Na 4 jaar dus (oeps hahah). Ik herken het, toen ik begon met bloggen voelde het ook als zo'n ongelofelijk groot en spannend avontuur. Ben blij dat ik het ben aangegaan.
    Je schrijft erg mooi! En op nog vele jaren erbij :)

  3. Hoera met deze mijlpaal! Dat doe je goed! Hopelijk komen er nog veel mooie jaren bij :)

  4. Ik heb geen idee hoe ik deze post dus nu pas tegen kom, maar alsnog heeeeel erg gefeliciteerd lieverd! Kan niet wachten op wat er nog komen gaat.


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