Sunday, 6 October 2019

moments of bliss

lately i've been a little out of touch. with myself. with the people around me. with life. i've been so focused on school and work and the stress that it was giving me. it was all just building up inside me like a storm. until i read one of daisybutter's petite joys and saw this post on louvette. it made me realize i'd gone too long without noticing the little things. stopping to smell the roses and feel the sunshine on my face. with the upcoming season, autumn, nature gives me so much joy. and i'm happy i caught myself in time to realize it's time to be a little more mindful & attentional to the world around me. 

so here's a little list of things that made me happy this week. i didn't always realize it at first, but when i sat down and thought about a few blissful moments i had a lot of little memories came back to me and were written down in my notes.

⭐︎ the moon and the stars at 5.45 on saturday morning

✌︎ wearing nail polish for the first time in a year

♥︎ scrolling through the library of disney plus

☼ cycling home from dance class and the sky was radiating happy colours into the world 

☕︎ catching up with friends

✍︎ the grateful feeling of being able to go to uni

✎ not procrastinating but working hard to reduce my stress-feeling

♕ wearing my favorite jewelry  

☁︎ cycling through utrecht

what was your moment of bliss this week?



  1. ahh love the message in this post, we really should pay more often attention to all the lovely little things in life! love your jewelry btw!!

  2. I get the feeling you're talking about, about beingout of touch with yourself. Thanks for reminding me! :)

  3. Wauwie! Wat een prachtige post met foto’s! En hoe leuk is je nieuwe logo! ❤️


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