Sunday, 27 October 2019

my favourite spots in rotterdam

i have lived near rotterdam my whole life. on my blog this doesn't show that often, whilst the big city has a lot of great things to offer. lots of cute shops and cafes are located in the city that i know oh so well (and i must admit that i still have lots to discover!) & i want to fill this post with a few of my favorites.

KEET - oppert 2a
this concept store on the corner of oppert is filled with the best presents and other bits and pieces. it is a great place to stop by and buy a treat for your room/home or some ear- and wristcandy. they also have a cafe where you can take a little break from shopping. i've never eaten there before but it's certainly on my to do list!

ten to three bakery - aert van nesstraat 24
if you're looking for a different spot to have an afternoon break (and maybe it happens to be ten to three o'clock) this bakery is the place to be. it might be a bit hard to find at first, but when you step inside the bakery you'll be transported down the rabbit hole in a very alice in wonderland-esque decor. i would highly recommend tasting the cupcakes or drinking a cup of tea with scones whilst you're there! (they also have a spot in the foodhallen now!)

we are labels - meent 119-121
on to clothing shops! we are labels is a shop which sells a lot of different brands. and not the average brands. they have a nice collection, mostly color sorted. i bought a blouse here myself from la petite ├ętoile and i love it so much! if you're looking for something a bit different from the main shops, this is the place to be!

very cherry - botersloot 52a
vintage galore! this shop sells vintage-style clothing, own brand and others. i love to go in there for inspiration and really have been longing to buy something, a nice 50's dress maybe... really recommend if you're into barets, swing dresses & all other things vintage.

unc wardrobe - oude binnenweg 42
this is another shop i recently discovered. they have a pop up store and a normal store in rotterdam and they sell really nice clothes and jewelry. the shop is similar to we are labels but their collection has a bit more of a girly touch.

harolds grafik - burgemeester van walsumweg 730
this store is maybe a bit out of the usual route, but still quite close to the markthal! this is my go to shop if i need art supplies. well, need... it's packed with markers, paint, brushes and sketchbooks. it's also just a very nice art shop to look around and daydream about all the things you could create!

have you ever visited rotterdam?


Sunday, 6 October 2019

moments of bliss

lately i've been a little out of touch. with myself. with the people around me. with life. i've been so focused on school and work and the stress that it was giving me. it was all just building up inside me like a storm. until i read one of daisybutter's petite joys and saw this post on louvette. it made me realize i'd gone too long without noticing the little things. stopping to smell the roses and feel the sunshine on my face. with the upcoming season, autumn, nature gives me so much joy. and i'm happy i caught myself in time to realize it's time to be a little more mindful & attentional to the world around me. 

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