Monday, 9 September 2019

september softness

with september in mind
I think of
the lingering of summer on skins
the soft touch of autumn
pastel blue skies
the evenings that become shorter
filled pages with notes
the back to school season begun
pen on the back of my hand
freckles and

I think of
september softness

free printable / png !

At the beginning of this week I had a sudden burst of inspiration and wanted to make some illustrations! This little ink pot is one of them & if you want you can download it! I've also really been loving collages, so maybe I could make this a monthly thing with images and inspiration for the new month. I'm already looking forward to create an autumn spread for October!

things i'm excited for this month:
the downton abbey movie ♥︎ flipping through photobooks ♥︎ colder weather ♥︎ warmer clothes ♥︎ autumn colours ♥︎ receiving letters ♥︎ watching old movies ♥︎ going to class ♥︎ reading 

What are you excited for in September?


the pictures do not belong to me
source: pinterest


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