Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Vintage Obsession


In today's post I'd like to discuss one of my obsessions. It's vintage stuff!

I added some branches from our christmas tree to give the pictures a little extra touch. 

I got this beauty on a jumble sale here in Holland. At first I wasn't really sure what my parents would think of it, but my dad encouraged me to buy it. It was only 3,20 € ! I had to carry it on the back of my bike all the way to the house we were staying (it was definitely worth it!). And I discovered it still worked!

Glass Tower
This thing would have been a lamp back in the days... But now I'm using it as a decoration. It's so beautiful when the light from outside falls on it :)

It's a funny story how I got this oldie. For a school project we looked for an old telephone like this one. We couldn't find one in the nearest thrift shop, but at the same time a woman came to me and my friend and offered us her telephone she had at home. We weren't sure if we could trust her, but we really wanted one so we did it! And after all I'm glad we did it :) 

 It isn't really a big collection yet, which is good in a way, but I'd like to still add some things. Maybe a little clock for on my bed table :) Do you have anything vintage in your house/room? I'd love to know!

See you next time!

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